img_1975BIO: (As published in the Yemeni American News) Georgia Coats is a Language Learning Coach, Spanish Instructor, writer, wife and mother. Georgia and her husband Steve have three children and have resided in Dearborn, Michigan, since 2001, enjoying the ethnic variety that their neighborhood has to offer. Georgia has been learning and teaching language cumulatively for 30 years. She earned her BA in Spanish for bilingual education and ESL, and she continues her graduate studies in Spanish, Linguistics and Language Learning, at Wayne State University. Whether she’s teaching Spanish, trying to help her kids with their Arabic homework, or playing with words in English, her life goal comes from the words of Jesus the Messiah: to love God with all her heart, mind and strength, and to love her neighbors.

A side note...When I was a girl people always serenaded my introductions with, Georgia on my mind…, which I found awkward and embarrassing.  Now that I’m a grown up who already owns my awkwardness, I love being serenaded.  Ray Charles’ lyrics have followed me my whole life.  People sometimes even ask my husband what’s on his mind, which he has learned over the years that the answer is always, Georgia.